Credit for self-employed under 2 years old

Young self-employed are often inexperienced, but they usually sparkle with ideas and are committed to fighting for their goal under all circumstances. As a self-employed, things start off small at the beginning, the good and the less good business ideas separate, only from the second year do the better ideas remain – the red numbers from the first year turn black for the first time.

Nevertheless, a loan for the self-employed under 2 years is reluctantly guaranteed The interest rates often question the whole project, often they are so high that the entrepreneur has little chance of writing in the black.

Loans at good interest rates and funding opportunities

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The state credit institution for reconstruction has a program for self-employed people, which is filled with various funding options. Funding is possible with an ERP loan – the only requirement is that the company cannot be founded more than 3 years ago. Self-employed persons under 2 years of age therefore fall exactly in this period. The interest rate of 3.17 percent over a period of 10 years gives the entrepreneur time and is almost reminiscent of equity. The loan can be applied for from any commercial bank. What is important is not a good credit rating or collateral, but only 10% from equity.

How do you get the 10% out of equity for larger financings?

How do you get the 10% out of equity for larger financings?

A loan for the self-employed under the age of 2 with the interest rate of 3.17 percent sounds good, but for young entrepreneurs the 10% of an investment out of equity is difficult to raise. The 10% is often a major hurdle, especially for larger investments, but this capital can also be raised through a loan. Good ideas also attract a lot of attention from private lenders – increasing money is also a top priority for private lenders.

Thus, a loan for self-employed people under 2 years after the establishment of private individuals is definitely eligible. Even if the interest rate will probably be over 3.17 percent, this interest rate only plays a subordinate role in the context of the entire investment. With “auxmoney” and “bon kredit” there are two well-known credit companies on the Internet that offer variable interest rates, sums of money and terms. For self-employed people under the age of 2, there are enough opportunities to receive start-up capital so that they can continue to be in the black in the future.